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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

PROTEST: Veterans, Families Protest at Big Spring VA Hospital

Veterans, Families Protest at Big Spring VA Hospital

Allen along with several veterans are upset at what they call diminishing medical services at the VA hospital in Big Spring. They lined the hospital entrance hoping to be heard.

Veterans and their families said little by little, the hospital is shutting down medical services like in-patient care, specialists referrals and they said the hospital is understaffed.

But even more critical, they said they don't have access to an emergency room.

"More times than not, they're directing it to a local emergency room," Veteran, Steve Campbell, said, they then face another road block.

"To get the VA to pay for that civilian care, there are at least four hoops they have to get through," Campbell said.

Image compliments of Jennifer 'Emery' Bakken

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