Saturday, July 16, 2011

OTHER TOXIC SUBSTANCES - DU: Why So Many Fallujah Babies Are Born Deformed

“DU is a dense, highly toxic, radioactive heavy metal that the military uses for its shielding and penetrative capabilities,” according to UTNE, that will not be completely eradicated for 4.5 billion years.

But the true extent of one of the war’s most horrifying legacies has been kept from the international public’s view.

And Ayman Qais, director of Fallujah’s general hospital, told the Guardian that “Most [deformities] are in the head and spinal cord, but there are also many deficiencies in lower limbs.”

UTNE lists a variety of cases of Fallujah babies in particular that born with defects. Some reported defects include:

Babies born with only one eye
Babies born with missing limbs or too many limbs
A higher than normal incidence of babies with brain damage or tumors
Cardiac defects
Missing genitalia
Everyone – scientists, doctors, and aid workers – is pointing to the war and the bevy of weaponry, waste, rubble, burn pits, and oil fires left behind as the culprit of this travesty. Some are calling depleted uranium (DU) this war’s agent orange (an herbicide that caused similar deformations in Viet Nam).

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