Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CAMP LEJEUNE: USMC pulls controversial water contamination booklet

Marine officials confirmed this week that a much-disputed pamphlet describing the history and effects of Camp Lejeune contaminated water had been pulled from the Marines’ official website.

"It’s still unfinished business, because even though it’s been taken down, the people who read it still don’t know they were misinformed," he said.

The publication heavily cited a 2009 report by the National Research Council that was inconclusive about the effects of chemicals in the Lejeune drinking water and recommended that further study would be unable to produce a more definite conclusion.
The results of that study were quickly called into doubt by former base residents and experts who said the research did not give proper weight to the presence of the known carcinogen benzene or analyze proper concentrations of the chemicals in the water.

Last month, ATSDR began a survey of 300,000 former Lejeune residents and control population to determine the population’s risk of developing a slew of serious diseases, including leukemia, renal cancer, and male breast cancer. It is estimates that up to one million people may have been exposed to tainted water aboard Lejeune between the 1950s and 1980s.

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