Tuesday, July 5, 2011

AO Florida: Agent Orange Comes Home to Roost

Agent Orange Comes Home to Roost

Cabot-Koppers, a manufacturing facility which produces carbon blacks used as a pigment, UV stabilizing and conductive agent, located in the city of Gainesville, FL, is in the middle of the target these days as the battle over Agent Orange continues here at home.
In the post-Vietnam War years of the 1970’s witnesses sighted barrels of herbicides (presumed to be military grade Agent Orange) being secretly buried on the Cabot-Koppers’property which was later designated by the EPA as a Superfund site in 1983.

Newly revealed contamination of a known 2 mile radius that Agent Orange may have leaked to the surface from the drums has never been acknowledged by any local, State or Federal agency. Dioxins from two sources, wood treatment and Agent Orange, could now make the Department of Defense a new responsible party with Beazer for complete Superfund clean-up to return the property to 100% marketable parity for future development.

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