Friday, February 18, 2011

Vietnam Veteran Suffers from Venous Insufficiency Secondary to Ischemic Heart Disease

Recently a wife of a Vietnam veteran wrote about her husband's triple bypass last June. She explained that a vein was stripped from his left leg for the bypass. As a result his leg is still swollen, red, painful and burns. He has to take additional medication for this condition and wear a compression stocking.

The veteran finally received a diagnosis the other day at their local VA. He was diagnosed with Venous Insufficiency. There is no cure, only methods to provide relief from the symptoms. Venous Insufficiency is more dangerous for diabetics because of the possibility of ulcers and wounds of the lower extremities.

In this veteran's case, Venous Insufficiency (VI) is a condition which is secondary to one of the newest AO/presumptive diseases; Ischemic Heart Disease and (VI) was due to this veterans triple bypass. The family has filed another claim with the VA.

This is a reminder that veterans can and will suffer from secondary conditions. This entitles the veteran to additional benefits if they aren't already receiving 100% disability or extra monthly compensation (if they meet the requirements set forth by the VA).

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