Thursday, February 17, 2011

Battle to heal wounds of Agent Orange continues

There also is a humanitarian issue here in America. Many adult children and now the grandchildren of Vietnam veterans have been and are still suffering from birth defects, illnesses, mental health and learning problems. There are many unmet needs for these agent orange victims. Do we have to prove agent orange caused this or is our government willing to deal with it simply as a humanitarian issue? Some would say that is better than ignoring these same souls who suffer still. Sharon L. Perry

Battle to heal wounds of Agent Orange continues

“Wars aren’t over when the last soldiers leave the battlefield,” said Bob Edgar, president of the nonprofit Common Cause, which is working on the Agent Orange issue in Vietnam.

"Rather than continue the 40-year acrimony over the science, we're simply saying: This is a humanitarian issue, and we can do something about it," Bailey said.

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