Monday, January 17, 2011

Why do we have to have Genetically Modified Organisms?

Why do we have to have Genetically Modified Organisms?

Will our politicians ever have thepeoples interests held above that of a corporate entity? Where is the integrity, the honesty, the justice and the hope?
Asks the Environmental Working Group "If Monsanto hid what it knew about its toxic
pollution for decades, what is the company hiding from the public now? This question seems particularly important to us as this powerful company asks the world to trust it with a worldwide, high-stakes gamble with the environmental and human health consequences of its genetically modified foods".

"By claiming global monopoly patent rights throughout the entire food chain,
Monsanto seeks to make farmers and food producers, and ultimately consumers, entirely
dependent and reliant on one single corporate entity for a basic human need. It's the same dependence that Russian peasants had on the Soviet Government following the Russian revolution. The same dependence that French peasants had on Feudal kings during the Middle Ages. But control of a significant proportion of the global food supply by a single corporation would be unprecedented in human history."

what alarmed me in a gut way was the fact that the decisive patents — a monopoly over
crucial feed grains, soybeans, corn and so forth — were at that time held by three
or four global multinational corporations— Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, and
the fourth would probably be Syngenta of Basel, Switzerland, which is really a merger of Swiss, Swedish and ultimately British biochemical entities.

Three of the four companies that could amass such power, DuPont, Dow Chemical and Monsanto, had atrocious histories concerning public safety going back to Vietnam War — Agent Orange and dioxin contamination of their own employees in documented cases over decades, for example, and the hiding of those facts.

Monsanto was very deceptive in claiming they would not commercialize Terminator technology (when you have one harvest and then the plant
is unable to reproduce). Delta & Pine Land held the patent to Terminator, but what’s even more alarming is the co-patent holder for the technology was none other than the United States Department of Agriculture — the U.S. government!

Therefore they’re claiming their gene cannons had made the resulting product unique, and at the same time they’re saying that it’s not unique, it’s just like other corn or soybeans or whatever. Within this contradiction, there is a very, very, very ugly
history of Monsanto and government in collusion to simply have no effective regulation or oversight to this day of what goes into the human food chain in
terms of genetically modified products.

These three or four companies are tightly, tightly interlinked with the Pentagon-military-industrial complex. That’s really what should ring alarm bells among people.

A true test is to let the consumers decide, hold a referendum or at the very least true, full food labelling needs to be legislated. Not as in some countries where it is only labelled if it contains above 1% GMO.
It also needs meat and other products such as eggs and milk labelled if the animal had been fed GM seed or plant material.
Consumers will soon decide. They will reject GMO if they knew they were eating it. This is why Monsanto is so opposed to labelling legislation.

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