Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vietnam Veteran Shares Money With Church, VFW

Vietnam Veteran Shares Money With Church, VFW

Karen said he believes “what you leave behind is not money, but what people remember you by.”

She explained that Congress recently gave Vietnam veterans with Parkinson’s disease a monetary compensation because of its possible connection to Agent Orange. In 2009, Veterans Affairs officials added Parkinson’s disease to the list of diagnoses connected to Agent Orange, making it easier for Vietnam vets to make health care claims if suffering from the illness.

Due to the effects of Parkinson’s, Schoenfelder went to live at Avera Sacred Heart Majestic Bluffs about a year ago where staff could give him the assistance he needs. He can no longer speak or walk, and he has trouble feeding himself. However, Karen said the disease has not muted his generous spirit.

Because of Parkinson’s disease, John, a former mechanic, has been unable to work for eight years. Between that and the accumulating costs of his illness, Karen said he has been unable to contribute to his church or the VFW. He was happy to finally be able to donate to the two institutions, she stated.

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