Tuesday, January 18, 2011

UPDATE: Agent Orange Association of Canada Inc.

Agent Orange Association of Canada Inc.

I am the Co-President of the Agent Orange Association of Canada Inc. Our home office is in Westfield, N.B. not far from CFB Gagetown. My father was a WW2 Veteran and we were stationed in CFB Gagetown 1956 onward. I am helping Military & Civilians due to the chemical sprayings 1956 to 1984.

The reason I am contacting you is because of several significant changes to the Ex-Gratia payments because of Code Names Agent Orange, Purple & White and other deadly chemicals which were sprayed on CFB Gagetown & area. I am trying to reach Military & Civilians who lived in this area. I have been contacted by some as far away as Texas who did not know about the chemical sprayings and hope you will post this information or our website to your website.

Our Association has worked diligently to obtain the significant 3 new changes and we continue to advocate for 7 more changes which include a Public Inquiry into the Chemical Sprayings of CFB Gagetown from 1956 to 1984 with Code Names Agent Orange, Purple & White. Our webmaster has updated the Ex-Gratia page which include all of information and downloadable forms from the governments website. The webmaster also posted to our Forum these changes plus what we are advocating for & a link will be on the Mission Page.

Would you please share this information with your members and post our link www.agentorangecanada.com


Carol Brown Parker
Agent Orange Association of Canada Inc.
Head Office Westfield N.B. 506-757-2266
For information on the Chemical Spraying of
CFB Gagetown & Surrounding Areas refer to

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