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Subject: Mixtures of Chemicals in Vietnam Awareness Brief' 1/1/2010

Subject: Mixtures of Chemicals in Vietnam Awareness Brief' 1/1/2010

Agent Orange/Dioxin & Other Toxic Substance Committee
Alan Oates
Chairman AO/DOTS Committeetee

The Gulf War showed that mixtures of chemicals can impact the health and well being of veterans. For the first time total exposure of troops to toxic mixtures became an important research issue.
The lack of research and the failure to consider other toxins or combinations of toxins and their interaction with tactical herbicides provide the main reasons that more diseases are not service connected.
The Agent Orange/Dioxin and Other Toxic Substance Committee would like to bring a higher awareness to the issues of "Other Toxic Substances". We believe that these other toxic exposures and their combinations especially with the tactical herbicides play a major role in health issues Vietnam Veterans experience.

I pointed out in a number of interviews that "Current research shows that battlefield toxin result in military casualties' decades after the war and expand those casualties to the future generation of veterans' offspring" We can no longer ignore these other toxins or the possible combined effects on veterans, their children and grandchildren.

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