Monday, January 3, 2011

Opinion: VA speeds up treatment for frustrated vet

VA speeds up treatment for frustrated vet

by Sharon L. Perry

Thank you Greg Dawson for helping James Young, a disabled Vietnam veteran exposed to agent orange, however. You have made an honest mistake which is to say, VA clinics must be doing something right because you get fewer complaints about VA medical care than you do private medical care.

Just because you don't get them, complaints, doesn't mean all is right with the VA medical care system. Many Vietnam veterans and their families can attest to this and many are doing just that, as a matter of fact.

What most of us do and have had to do and have done is write our Senator(s). Many of us are forced to do so because like Mr. Young the VA is the veteran's private physician (in other words they have no place else to turn); as was the case with my husband (who passed away due to exposure to agent orange and his service in Vietnam in 2005).

That's not to say that the VA & it's clinics & hospitals aren't staffed with many dedicated to serving our veterans because I think they are. The problem is the “culture” of VA, the agency is in the grips of a rogue bureaucracy that bypasses congressional oversight and sabotages veterans interests and health.

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