Monday, December 20, 2010

Leave No Man Behind

Leave No Man Behind
Fellow vets step in to get Harley Stewart the care he needs, likely saving his life

"The system is, well, as good as it gets, and when Bill told me about Harley's difficulties, we got in our roles as advocates for veterans," said Klug, a Vietnam veteran. "In a lot of situations, and this was one, time is your worst enemy."

"Harley was down to 80 pounds," said Reichard. "The longer you lay there without medical help, the more likely you're going to die. But he's gained weight now," he said, adding that Klug and his Purple Heart team "have concern for vets that's universal, and they react right now when they see need."

Klug, who offers help to veterans in need, can be reached at The SORCC can be reached at 541-826-2111.

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