Friday, November 5, 2010

Paying new Agent Orange claims a complex drill

Paying new Agent Orange claims a complex drill

VA expects to produce a steady stream of rating decisions and payments each week for these diseases,but there will not be a flood of checks as some veterans had hoped.

Most of 163,000 veterans or survivors with pending claims for these diseases should expect a longer wait, at least several more months.
The VA goal is to have all these claims processed and paid by October next year.

Veterans or survivors who want to be sure their denied claim is being reviewed can call their VA regional office to learn if they are among the 93,000 being eyed for retroactive compensation.

“There’s no time limit on this,” said a VA official. “So if they don’t get some notice that we are working on their claim in the next six months or so they should say ‘Hey, what about me?’ ”

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