Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One of our Own Visits Vietnam - Tells her Story: Heather Morris Bowser

The first time, a victim of Agent Orange in the United States, Ms. Morris Heather Bowser, to visit Vietnam and the plight of those who share the struggle for justice back to people infected with this poison .

The biggest difference is the care and acceptance influence the generation of CDDC line. In America, children of people exposed to the U.S. government is not recognized and compensated, except for a small group of veterans is a woman.

The U.S. government says there is no link between exposure CDDC and disability in children of male veterans. When I visited the hospital and see the sick child like her, I felt sad for the children of Vietnam veterans in America still have not found justice.

Until recently the U.S. government is only recognized (problem) of the children of female veterans. The birth defects are not recognized by my government for not accepting that there is a link between birth defects and male American soldiers were exposed. . Children of veterans are not supported, care or compassion from the community such as in Vietnam.

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