Friday, May 7, 2010

El Toro Marine Goes Toe-to-Toe with VA

El Toro Marine Goes Toe-to-Toe with VA

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN) – John Uldrich, an El Toro Marine veteran, has a 100 percent plus disability rating. But for all intents and purposes, it is as bogus as they come!

Courtesy: Salem-News

Former MCAS El Toro Marine comments on his experience with the VA and passes on important information to other veterans.

The VA knew he was closing in on them for TCE exposure and coming down hard on the issue of Coccidioyomicosis (Desert Fever) that comes with the Santa Ana Winds that sweep down the San Juaquin Valley and over MCAS El Toro on a seasonal basis – as these winds have for millenniums.

Uldrich was diagnosed with COPD, his lungs are scarred and he’s at risk of lung cancer despite the fact that he’s a non-smoker. In 1958, his last year in the Corps – a Navy doctor – a four striper – told me him that his problems were related to having “Blastomicosis” – a river-borne fungus he ‘inherited’ from his youthful days swimming in the Mississippi. Uldrich was born at the headwaters of that great river – raised in Little Falls -Lindbergh’s hometown on the same river.

How he got into the Marine Corps in 1956 with this horrible condition remains a mystery.

Uldrich said that veterans who have served at MCAS El Toro need to learn how he confronted the Veterans Administration with a broad, well documented and in depth attack on the issue using “Agent Orange as the ‘comparable’ to borrow a phrase in ‘real estate’ parlance.”

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