Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Free Wheelchair Mission: They cannot afford to buy a wheelchair, so they wait

Free Wheelchair Mission: They cannot afford to buy a wheelchair, so they wait

Vietnam is a beautiful country with even more beautiful people. There is so much need - the need for food, adequate shelter and the great need for wheelchairs. From children suffering the effects of Agent Orange, to elderly men and women who are no longer mobile, those in need of a chair are waiting. They cannot afford to buy a wheelchair, so they wait. By God's grace, we are able to help them in this way.

I spoke with several women about my own age (26), who told me that they lost the use of their legs when they got a fever as a child. They are so happy with their new wheelchair. They keep patting my hands and kissing my cheek. Except for the language barrier, they are just like my friends in America. The joy written on the faces of those who receive the wheelchairs speak more loudly than any language can convey. The joy on the faces of the caregivers speak just loudly.

We traveled far to the south in the Mekong Delta about 30 miles from the Cambodian border. The landscape is cut by rivers every few hundred feet and boat is the main form of transportation. The bus had to drive aboard a barge to cross the river at its widest point. There are so many people traveling by motorbike cris-crossing the small lanes. Many live in very remote areas only accessible by boat.

Our distribution partners are truly amazing people. Without their hard work and dedication, the wheelchairs could not reach their intended destination.

Those of us who have much should take the opportunity to help those who have little.

FWM staffer Ashley Herron is travelling with a distribution trip Vietnam, having recently joined a mission group from the Vineyard Church from Wheeling, West Virginia.

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